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I lived in a pretty village some years ago and the property next to me, a bungalow, which was leased to various tenants. hotgoo Window of my room looked out the kitchen of the bungalow and I thought I had died and Goen in the sky, when a very sexy in her late 20's moved in. I made a point of introducing me, and she introduced herself as Becky and boyfriend ' Robert. it was quite big, big breasts and had hotgoo a very lively and bright personality, very hotgoo talkative and I could not imagine an incredible fuck, I soon discovered that everyone is happy naked or in underwear was walking, but not blindly hotgoo in the kitchen. This led me to hotgoo the meeting of many straw good, when I hotgoo looked out my bedroom when she put clean clothes on, so weekends were even better, since Robert was often around and I saw a BJ hall and fucked in the kitchen next door... it was actually a hot woman ! on a Saturday night, I had done and believed to be in bed beforecame home, I had lost a voyeuristic pleasure. I went to bed and then I saw a flash of light. I looked down and there she was, in a short dress, obviosuly in one night. I could not see, Robert, but another man came into the bathroom and kissed her against the kitchen table..... You naughty naughty thought, as she leaned back and started playing with her ​​pussy. I was rock hard and I watched as he licked and fucked on all fours and then she sucked all the way! That led to a whole new spin on things... She was obviously a woman of a man! A week later I was in the garden and a puppy, but seemed at high risk, I could see a hole, and must include Becky realized. I picked it up and went to the door, and my eyes to explode when I saw through the frosted glass with a light green bikini hotgoo leaves nothing to the imagination. I asked if the puppy was hers and said I was his friend and she was lookingg after him the weekend. He told me over the fence and offered to fix the hole. I went to get some tools and got in front of me while I worked. Then I was invited to have a drink and we chat, she sat in her bikini with a pair of sandals, all I could imagine her breasts and sucking large pussy was bald or not. She felt that my desire as I was when Rob.... he is away for 2 weeks, she answered hotgoo the complaint. You have to lose, said a... and she smiled. Then came the creation of the cabin... the slightly older, and said I should see the curtains in the room was, and invited me to watch. was there beside her bed in her pink rabbit rampant... ups said... and then said : I'm sure that is not easily surprised... He asked if hotgoo I was a little worried when I took the dog... said... hmmm... sort of... I decided to be brave, and said he could always know where you left.... , So that you can do I'm not here... She asked if I would like to seeconfess to play and I decided that I have seen the shit... At first she was surprised... But then he said the idea was being watched very cool! leaned back and pulled her bikini and began to joke with each other.... I'll have to leave my dick, I said... you feel free, he said. Come as a shoe in the movement that came up and offered her mouth, she started licking and sucking me and I was so hard. Then I said I wanted to like the guy who had thrown the weekend.... GM said to hell... Vio, dass.. Please do not tell Rob! I replied that I had just been my own cock was in his mouth. She bent down and fed me my dick INDOT her pussy and began to take hard, knowing that you cum soon. I made ​​her moan and she rang her clitoris with the rabbit, I plunged into it. Then removed and spunk on her nice ass and rubbed his cock between the cheeks, smearing my sperm inside her. This was the beginning of a great institution where catch your regDER during the week, also calls for the work they always hotgoo have, and also alerts me every damn which are scheduled for Kitchener, from what I can and masturbate at the base that I made him a photo of my tail when I sent I have a message ! A year later they married and Rob and I had a very wry smile on her face as she winked at me from the church!
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